Burwood Brickworks: unexpected conversations

By Jack Davis

Jack Davis aims to make Burwood Brickworks shopping centre the world’s most sustainable retail development. But it means taking a path never-travelled and has already resulted in some interesting - and unexpected - conversations.

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    Creating the world’s most sustainable shopping centre means collaborating

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    Rules set yesterday must account for ideas generated tomorrow

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    A place of more than just transactions

Working in the property industry, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be coming into contact with many rockstars. Yet my crack of dawn skype calls with Gotham Greens (world-leading rooftop greenhouse operators from New York) and project purposed visits from Amanda Sturgeon (Seattle based CEO of the International Living Future Institute) would be evidence that I do.

My time spent discovering the movers and shakers of the sustainability world has included strategy sessions on the Bellarine Peninsula with the people responsible for implementing the world leading waste strategy for the athlete's village at the Sydney Olympics. I’ve also met with Australia’s leading recycling businessmen and a professor from South Korea who invented a pyrosis machine that turns soft plastics into a recyclable biofuel. I’ve drunk unpasteurised milk and sampled homemade honey at Joost Bakker’s recycled timber dining room table whilst discussing productive rooftops, eradicating waste and designing an 80m building façade from pot plants.

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