News | 22 July 2020

Construction Update - Stages 37 and 37B

The Grove

Our construction activity at The Grove continues as scheduled, with additional hygiene and screening procedures introduced to protect our staff and contractors on site.

We plan to continue construction activities while it is safe to do so, following the guidance of health and government authorities at all times. If this should change, we will let you know.

We would like to advise that settlement of your land is now anticipated for mid August to early September 2020

Please note that the anticipated settlement time frame is indicative and subject to change due to the civil works program, external authority involvement and weather conditions. 

Your Settlement Progression
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to make any financial arrangements with your bank as early as possible, so that your land settlement runs smoothly.

We encourage you to remind your bank that valuation access is available, if you have not already done so. 

Legal Representation
Your legal representative will provide advice and assistance with the preparations of your settlement and most importantly, a legal communication point to Frasers legal representative and your nominated bank. If you have yet to appoint a legal representative (solicitor or conveyancer), please nominate one as soon as possible and send their contact details to Tina Wu via 

We are pleased to advise we have received a conditional auditing approval from PowerCor. There are several minor matters we need to resolve to close out the audit. We anticipate obtaining Statement of Compliance from Council end of this month. It will then be down to how quickly the plan is registered by the Land Titles Office. At this time, we believe this will take approximately 2 weeks.

Please note that this time frame is indicative and subject to change due to local Council and Land Title Office involvement. 

Please see the below steps for more information on the authority approval and registration process:

  1. Statement of Compliance from all Referral Authorities
    The Statement of Compliance is achieved when authorities have checked and tested all assets to ensure they are built to agreed standards. Once this is complete the utility authorities such as City West Water, PowerCor and Melbourne Water take over their assets.
  2. Final Statement of Compliance from the Council
    The Final Statement of Compliance (SOC) is received when the local council undertake a final review of the construction works, to confirm that all assets and associated works are complete and compliant. This process can take 4 to 6 weeks from the end of construction phase. For your stage, we are estimating to received SOC around end July 2020.  
  3. Lodging Titles and Settlement 
    Once the Statement of Compliance is received, we lodge the final plan of subdivision at the Land Title Office. Registration of titles can take up to 4 weeks to be issued. Once titles are issued, the settlement due dates is set and formal notice is issued to your conveyancer.  

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Overview Construction Update
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Construction Update  
Understanding the works on site:

 Bulk Earthworks  1. Bulk Earthworks 

100% Complete. 
This is the first step in the journey to your new home. Bulk earthworks entail excavating and filling the land to specified levels. The finished surface provides the base for your future slab to be constructed on. 
 Sewers  2. Sewers  

100% Complete. 
Sewers are the first service to be laid as they require the deepest trenches, which can range from 3 to 6 metres deep. The sewer system will carry waste away from your house to a treatment facility. 
 Drains  3. Drains 

100% Complete.  
This stage of works will ensure your home's roof and underground plumbing have the appropriate connection points to carry all the stormwater to the council drains. Concrete pipes for stormwater then need to be laid in order to drain any excess rainwater. 
 Water mains and gas  4. Water Mains and Gas 

100% Complete. 
Installation of the pressure mains is a critical step to ensure your home is fully service. The step that will eventually allow you to prepare your favourite meals, fill the kettle, flush the toilet and enjoy a luxurious shower is finally here. Pressure mains then provide drinking water to all houses. Gas pipelines are also installed to service your land lot.  
 Road works 5. Road Works 

100% Complete. 
We are building the roads that will connect you smoothly to the rest of the estate and beyond, this integral step will give you a strong sense of home. These are the roads that will soon be well-traveled; the paths that will wind their way to your doorstep.  
 Electrical and telecommunications  6. Electrical and Telecommunications  

100% Complete.  
Electrical and communication conduits are placed in nature strips. These services will allow your house to be connected to electricity, internet (NBN) and telephone line.
Light poles are also set up to provide lighting for the street.  
 Concrete Works Green 7. Concrete Works 

100% Complete.  
Concrete is a versatile material. Once mixed, poured and leveled, it will contribute to many of the final finishes of the community. Think smooth driveways your car will effortlessly roll out of, level footpaths you’ll wander along, guttering along the roads you’ll drive down.  
 Final Works  8. Final Works 

100% Complete.  
The final step to completing your lot involves placing topsoil on the lots to ensure it is neat and tidy. The street signs are installed, roads are line marked and lots are pegged. Finally, we complete the sign off process with all authorities. Once this process is complete and the titles are registered we will place turf on the nature strips and plant trees to beautify the neighbourhood.  

The Prosperity Care Team will continue to keep you informed by sending monthly construction updates. Keep an eye on your inbox for further updates as we move closer to the exciting milestone of registration.