Why we choose to live near our friends and family

Home sweet home becomes even sweeter if you live near people you know and trust. With this in mind, some new home buyers are choosing properties in the same communities as their friends and family.

09 June 2022

Moving from India to Australia has brought new experiences and opportunities to Navyatha Potluri and her husband, Eswar Mullapudi. Now they are enjoying those experiences with their energetic 18-month-old daughter, Akshaya.

Living far away from the place where they grew up, and thousands of kilometres away from family can be tough, and the bonds they create with friends they make in their new home are precious.

Which is why, when Navyatha and Eswar were deciding where to buy a home, they chose to live close to the friends they share their life with.

Friends and neighbours

Navyatha and Eswar bought a block of land inMambourin, a Frasers Property community in Melbourne’s outer west.

Three of their friends have also bought at Mambourin and once their homes are built they will all live alongside, or within a short walking distance of each other.

“All four of us decided to buy land to build on, and we thought it would be good to be close to each other. We went to Mambourin together on the release date so we could look at the available blocks and buy near each other,” says Navyatha.

“We’ve all bought in the same street so we will be neighbours.”

Creating a community

Like many of the Frasers Property developments across the country, Mambourin has been developed with community in mind.

Described as a ‘community of city-like convenience’ and close to all the amenities that residents could need, Mambourin is all about making it easy for residents to enjoy a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.

Nothing is more than a five-minute walk, cycle or bus ride away and a busy town centre with cafes, eateries, a supermarket, departmentstore, medical centre and cinema proposed to be at the heart of the development.

A new purpose-built prep to year 12 school is planned and there will also be a community centre to house maternal and child health services, a library, kinder and performing arts centre.

Residents will also have access to Club Mambourin–a best-in-class recreation and leisure centre with a multi-sports court, a gym and exercise classes, pools, a spa, a café and a multi-purpose function room.

Finding a new sense of home

Navyatha, who is currently renting a home in Upper Point Cook, is looking forward to being able to share these amenities with their friends.

She and her husband had previously bought land in another Frasers Property community in Melbourne’s west but sold that when they decided to buy in the same neighbourhood as their close friends.

“We have all moved to Melbourne from India and have been friends for more than ten years. Our husbands were at university together and were roommates in the early days,” says Navyatha.

“Then we all married and have been to each other’s weddings and we have celebrated the births of our children together. Living near each other gives you that homely feel and, for me, it’s like being back in India and having friends and family around me for support.

“It’s good to live in a place where you know you have people who can collect your kids from school if you are stuck in traffic and running late. And if we are away, we know there will be people who can look after our home.”

A home for now and the future

But it’s the sense of creating connections with neighbours and being part of a community that the family are most looking forward to.

“Our children will grow up together and we will be able to share the traditions and customs of our culture. We’ll be able to celebrate festivals together, like Diwali –the Festival of Lights and Dussehra,” says Navyatha.

“When you are far from your motherland you still want to be able to pass on what you have learned to your children and, with friends, you can teach your children those traditions and share some very special times.”

This article was originally published on realestate.com.au as Why we choose to live near our friends and family.