Why invest in Australian Property | Hamilton Reach

Why invest in Australian Property | Hamilton Reach

Fine weather, good schools, friendly people and beautiful beaches… The question is – why wouldn't you invest in Australian property? 

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1. Strong rental returns and capital growth.

The rental returns you get in Australia are fairly competitive on a global scale – Plus, consider the fact that capital growth potential is strong, particularly as economies in Australia’s capital cities are stable and flourishing, increasing demand for rental property.

2. Population growth and rising incomes.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, our population grew by 1.7% in 2013. In fact, all states and territories recorded positive population growth, with WA coming out tops with the fastest growth rate at 2.9%.

As Australia’s population continues to grow, and incomes rise, the demand for housing is set to become higher than before. This in turn can increase the value of property in Australia.

3. Improving infrastructure. 

The nation is continuously investing in better infrastructure, with $50 billion proposed in our latest national budget for transport, rail, roads and bridge projects across Australia. With an increasing number of locations having infrastructure available to support population growth, new opportunities and hot spots for property investments are popping up all the time.

4. A regulated investment market.

The Australian Securities Exchange commission, in conjuction with a well-established legal system, ensure that property investments across the country are regulated, transparent and comply with industry standards.

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