Enjoy the spirit of convenience. 

Facilities at Jindowie - Plan is indicative only and is not to scale.

At Jindowie, your everyday life is enhanced by what is around you. An 18-hole golf course and Country Club. A modern shopping centre. Yanchep District High School, and a new High School opening in 2018. Beaches, a national park & Bush Forever. And right where you live, beautifully landscaped parks complete with playgrounds, shade sails and barbecues – with more to come. 

As Yanchep grows, so too will the facilities that will make this such a special place to live. The proposed railway line and freeway extensions, commercial and retail centres, precincts for higher education (a university and TAFE), health, entertainment, sports and recreation facilities, are all part of the future St Andrews Structure Plan. 

It all promises a vibrant and exciting future for the Jindowie community!