Aldrick and Nathara Kalopita (+ extended family)

“We feel a sense of community here”

01 August 2020

Moved in: August 2020

Family means everything to the Kalopita clan. Ed has made their dreams come true and provided a place where the whole extended family can live together.

It all started when Nathara saw an ad for the grand opening of Ed.Square and knew instantly that she and her husband would buy a home at Ed. It was Nathara’s mum and sister who were the first family members to move in, with the couple and their young family not too far behind. They eventually recruited the whole family to follow in their footsteps with Nathara’s best friend and Aldrick’s parents also buying at Ed.Square.

Nathara feels especially lucky to have all her family and closest friends living nearby and is grateful her kids get to grow up with their grandparents just around the corner.

Ed will be the backdrop to many family memories for years to come.

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