Subset 27, Denis (Owner) & Herman (Chef)

“Hospitality is about the community”

01 April 2021

Moved in: Grand opening: April 2021

Owner, Denis was determined to offer the community at Ed.Square an elevated dining experience, and bring a concept that would keep people coming back to Ed, time and time again.

Subset 27 is a restaurant and full-scale bar and most importantly a meeting place for locals, residents and visitors to the area. Denis and his friendly team are passionate about the community and believe that hospitality and community go hand-in-hand.

“Ed.Square is very community focussed with young families and locals living within walking distance we have quite a lot of regulars and we go out of our way to know them by name and remember their orders. It’s always really pleasing to see the locals come in and enjoy themselves, they really are a staple part of the business and what makes this community what it is”.

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