Emily Barton

“I’m always discovering something new”

01 August 2020

Moved in: August 2020

After a busy work week, Emily looks forward to her Saturday morning “me time” at her favourite coffee shop, BluePrint Cafe just a short elevator ride away from her apartment upstairs. With her triple-shot cappuccino in hand, Emily cannot think of a better place to call home.

“It’s the people and knowing your neighbours that makes me feel most at home. I actually want to be here and the longer that I live here the more it grows on me. I wasn’t expecting to love living at Ed so much! It’s also the convenience of living so close to everything you could need or want - good coffee, plenty of choices for food and even car servicing are all a stone's throw away from my apartment”.

While the community spirit is alive and the large cappuccinos are flowing, Emily won’t be living anywhere else.

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