Anytime Fitness, Giuseppe Arena

"Everyone is so friendly here”

01 April 2021

Moved in: April 2021

“Fitness is not just about being strong and looking good, everyone is different and we are just trying to pass that onto everyone who works out at Anytime Fitness”.

Meet Personal trainer, Giuseppe Arena. He’s been a lead trainer at Anytime Fitness Ed.Square, since its official opening. Covid lockdowns delayed original grand opening dates and doors had to be shut for further lockdowns, but the gym is now thriving and occupied daily by locals from neighbouring suburbs and residents of Ed.Square who have the convenience of a community gym just a hop, skip and jump from their front door.

“Residents walk past the windows with their puppies or sometimes we see them try and hide their burgers from us. It’s a great place to be, everyone is so friendly here!”.

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