Jean Carlos (JC) and Milli Wong Davila

"Community is everything to us"

01 June 2021

Moved in: June 2021

Say hello to Jean Carlos (JC) and Milli. This beautiful family live at Ed.Square with their pup named Sapphire and growing baby boy Orlando; who at the time of the shoot was yet to officially join the Ed family! Having moved to Ed.Square to make a home for their growing family, JC and Milli are happy with their decision to invest and are excited for the future growth of the area.

"We love what is being built here - community, convenience and amenities”.

The family have also loved being involved in various community events and have given time to building authentic relationships with their neighbours, “The community program is fantastic and it's something truly special to get to know the people living around us.” Milli helps lead the Ed community parent's group and the couple also organise monthly resident meet-ups.

JC and Milli are rare gems in the treasure chest of residents at Ed and have been an important part of what it means to foster a sense of belonging and support for the other residents in the community.

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