MediSpecs, Dr John Nguyen

“I want to give people the service and eyesight they deserve”

01 October 2021

Moved in: October 2021

Giving people the vision they deserve is what drives Dr Nguyen to serve the community.

“I’m very passionate about eyes, it all started with my first volunteer trip overseas. Every year I will go to Cambodia and Vietnam to perform eye surgery for the poor, which started back in my Uni days”.

Dr Nguyen’s parents are first-generation refugees from Vietnam who from a young age, instilled in him the importance of gratitude and to know how lucky he is to have the opportunities he has been given. “My parents always pushed me to work hard and pursue my passions, but to also give back”.

It’s this compassion that Dr Nguyen brings not only to his patients overseas but to the local community at Ed.Square. “I love it here at Ed, it’s very family-friendly and a lot more diverse than where I previously worked. As a community everyone's really friendly and helpful”.

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