Nicholette Bowen and Margaret Bowen (Mother). Children: Lily and Liam

"Ed is home"

01 August 2021

Moved in: August 2021

Urban living in a suburban area was the main drawcard for single mum, Nicholette Bowen, to move her family to Ed.Square. “I've lived in quite a big development in Mascot, but you didn't know a soul - there wasn't a community. I often felt worried about the kids playing outside and was always watching the, whereas here we have got to know people and the people we do know here are a lot friendlier."

Nicholette’s children, Lily and Liam, love Ed’s expansive green spaces and especially love to make a splash in the resident’s pool. The spacious design of their 3-bedroom apartment also provides room to play and relax with their grandparents, Nicholas and Margaret, who have also made Ed their home.

“I am very happy with the decision I have made.”

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