Po-Sheng Chang (Shaun) and Simone Phillips

“I feel like I have come home”

01 April 2021

Moved in: April 2021 (Simone), February 2022 (Shaun)

For newlyweds, Po-Sheng Chang (Shaun) and Simone Phillips it’s been a journey of patience and perseverance to see their dreams of starting their new life together become a reality. Originally from the area, Simone welcomed her husband Shaun to Sydney in February 2022 when they officially moved in together at Ed as husband and wife. “It's nice to be back in a familiar place, knowing where everything is and I feel like I have come home”.

Simone and Shaun have been pleasantly surprised to find that there have been many parallels between the lifestyle on offer at Ed.Square and the life they knew in Taiwan.

“It reminds me of Taiwan in a lot of ways actually, the convenience and not ever needing a car, but what I love about Ed most is you can find pieces of Taiwan right here - even the shops downstairs sell Taiwanese products. It’s really cool that we can still feel connected to his home and my home too.”

“Now that he's finally here and we are together - we’re here and we’re staying”.

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