Reena Singh

“It’s the little things that Ed.Square do that make it feel like home”

01 July 2022

Moved in: July 2022

Reena Singh has found acceptance, connection and happiness at Ed.Square, but it didn’t come immediately.

“Initially my sister lived with me, but when she moved out I felt I was alone, and when there was another lockdown it got really lonely.” It was through a series of community events that Reena started to get connected and find a sense of belonging. “I am not the kind of person to knock on a neighbour’s door and introduce myself, but since attending the community events and joining resident catch up’s, it has helped me feel safe and now it really does feel like home”.

For Reena, “it’s the little things that Fraser’s do that makes Ed.Square feel even more like home”. “It’s also so nice to have a community space and a community manager I can contact, and being a part of so many fun opportunities to meet residents and local businesses- in addition, living in the state of art buildings just brings it to another level. I love it!”

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