Sanjukta Goswami and Mahendra Chandra (Father in law)

“The community is also like my family now"

01 August 2020

Moved in: August 2020

It is the uniting of a family that makes a house a home. When Sanjukta Goswami and her husband moved to Ed.Square in August 2020, they instantly “fell in love with the place,” and the welcoming nature of the community.

Sanjukta loved Ed so much, that she advocated for her in-laws to move in, and they now live at the same apartment block. After years of separation due to Covid lockdowns and restrictions, Sanjukta’s elderly mother and daughter also moved to Ed.Square from India, bringing the whole family together once again.

Forging strong friendships and taking the lead in organising regular social gatherings with a group of residents, Sanjukta has also found family within her community and is thankful to have a group of friends she can call on and build relationships with so close to home. “The community is also like my family now".

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