Blueprint Cafe, Shandy Fong

"We treat the people as our friends and family”

01 May 2021

Moved in: May 2021

Every customer who walks through the door at Blueprint will be made to feel at home and as a part of the family. Owner, Shandy is often found having a chat with cafegoers, who he says are more than just customers, “We treat the people as our friends and family”.

Shandy saw the potential of Ed.Square, and knew that it was going to be a good decision to open in one of Sydney’s booming neighbourhoods with future development and growth. With his young family, Shandy also made the decision to move closer to the business and has been grateful to lay strong foundations at Ed, a place he not only runs his cafe, but calls home.

“Belonging means something you hold onto, it’s in your foundations. It doesn't have to be tangible, it can be as simple as a smile or making someone feel welcome”.

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