Tazy Momtaz and Mohammad Ehsanul Karim (Ayaat Karim & Adhaan Karim)

"We feel connected here"

01 October 2021

Moved in: October 2021

Community involvement has provided a sense of belonging and social connectedness for Tazy and Mohammad, who live at Ed with their two young children. Originally from Bangladesh and previously living in Chatswood, Tazy says “we feel like we have been living here always.”

“Everyone is so like-minded. We always exchange conversations and even my neighbour who lives in front of me gives me plants because I love plants.”

Tazy loves the convenience of catching the train to her day job as an architect, and how each street has its own identity with a unique colour scheme and beautiful green scapes and plants.

Since moving in, the Karim family have experienced a sense of community with their immediate neighbours and also the extended community they come in contact with around Ed.Square.

“Everyone treats you like their own. Everybody is so nice here”, says Tazy.

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