Welcome to our Ed.Square community

Ed.Square is growing into a thriving and well-established community already home to over 1500 proud residents.

The Ed.Square community development program shares a vision for the community to become one that exemplifies healthy and active living, in an environment that is welcoming, social, inclusive and promotes a strong sense of belonging.

In order to cater for these initiatives, various events and activities are organised by our dedicated Community Development Team for all ages to enjoy.

Your dedicated Community Development Team

The dedicated Community Development Team work with Ed. residents to develop the events and activities program, by identifying and mobilising community talents, skills and strengths of the residents to ensure people within the community will take control of their future at Ed.Square.

The team at Frasers Property are proud to see the community evolving at Ed.Square and look forward to welcoming more residents over the coming years.

Claire Palmer Community Development Manager Ed.Square
Karley Grill Community Development Coordinator Ed.Square

Regular community activities

Past events and activities

Throughout the year, our Ed.Square residents participate in enjoyable events and activities from parent groups to board game nights, pop-up exhibitions, bowling, kids gardening and more! There’s something for everyone and our dedicated Community Development Team are always on-hand to offer support.

These regular events all contribute to making Ed.Square a vibrant and connected community. There’s always something exciting happening and a lot of friendly faces to meet.

Humans of Ed.

The Humans of Ed. is a portrait and storytelling series celebrating identity, diversity and connection in the growing Ed.Square community. Residents and retailers have been captured in a backdrop of landmarks at Ed.Square, and share their stories of home, community and belonging.

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Ed.Square Community Space

This purpose-built space in the heart of Ed.Square has provided a place for residents to come together and enjoy various community events, programs, workshops and more! With fantastic facilities including a kitchen, lounge area, children's play area, TV screen and meeting table, the space has provided many opportunities for the Ed. community to thrive. Get in touch with us today if you'd like to know more.

Visit our community space


Ed.Square Community Space
AG01, 54 Henderson Road (opposite train station),
Edmondson Park NSW 2174