Energy Complaints Policy

1. Purpose and objective

1.1 Real Utilities Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries (Real Utilities or we) recognise that our customers and other interested parties on a customer’s behalf (Complainant) have a right to lodge a complaint about any issues or problems about our products or services.

1.2 We understand that complaints may arise because:

a. there is dissatisfaction with our products or services;

b. a response or other resolution is sought regarding the conduct, action, proposed action, or failure to act by Real Utilities, its employees, agents, contractors or other representatives; or

c. there are perceived inadequacies in our complaints management procedures.

1.3 This Energy Complaints Policy (Policy) sets out how Real Utilities will address and respond to complaints we receive. We take all complaints received seriously and recognise that complaints can help us to continually improve our products and services.

1.4 In summary, Real Utilities is committed to:

a. freely receiving complaints through communication channels that are accessible to Complainants;

b. providing a procedure for resolving complaints in a transparent, efficient and impartial way that is in line with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 10002:2014 ‘Quality Management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for Complaints Handling’; and

c. the continual improvement of our products and services by taking into consideration the nature and outcome of complaints received through the complaints management system.

2. Our commitment to managing complaints

2.1 Real Utilities is committed to establishing and maintaining an accessible complaints management system. This will include:

a. making this Policy available on the Real Utilities website and providing a free copy of the Policy on request;

b. if needed, arranging for language assistance or other support at no cost to individuals to promote access to the Policy or to facilitate the complaint management process;

c. receiving and processing complaints at no cost to Complainants; and

d. advising Complainants of their rights under the Policy where a complaint is lodged.

2.2 Real Utilities is committed to addressing all complaints efficiently and effectively. This will include:

a. providing adequate resources to address each complaint in an equitable and unbiased manner and to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome;

b. providing appropriate training and support to relevant staff in relation to the Policy and our complaints management procedures;

c. monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of our complaints management system and processes on a regular basis, and taking appropriate steps to address potential problems if reasonably necessary; and

d. implementing an appropriate reporting process within the Real Utilities business around the complaints management system generally.

2.3 Real Utilities is committed to continually improving the quality of our products and services. This will include:

a. monitoring complaints received on a regular basis to identify and analyse potential systemic problems or trends with our products and services;

b. implementing an appropriate reporting process within the Real Utilities business in order to highlight systemic problems or trends identified through the complaints management system;

c. where appropriate, assessing opportunities for potential improvements to the products and services offered by Real Utilities.

3. Standard Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedures

3.1 A complaint can be lodged at any time in any of the following ways:

Telephone: 1300 16 16 68
Mail: PO Box 621, Archerfield BC, QLD 4108

3.2 Customers requiring language assistance should contact Real Utilities by telephone on 1300 16 16 68.

3.3 All complaints will be promptly acknowledged within 5 business days from the time they are received by Real Utilities. Complainants will be informed that any complaints received will be handled in accordance with this Policy.

3.4 All complaints will be recorded in our complaint management system.

3.5 Real Utilities aims to resolve all complaints efficiently, and we will use our reasonable endeavours to do so at the Complainant’s first point of contact. We will give due consideration to the facts and complexity of each complaint as part of the complaint resolution process.

3.6 Throughout the process, the Complainant will be kept informed about the expected timing and any progress or proposed resolution for the complaint. This will be done on a regular basis and otherwise on the request of the Complainant.

3.7 Real Utilities will treat all Complainants with respect and courtesy. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that Complainants are not adversely affected because of a complaint made by them or on their behalf.

4. Complainant rights for further review

4.1 If the Complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation or the proposed resolution, the Complainant can request that the complaint is investigated by more senior Real Utilities representatives.

5. External dispute resolution / Ombudsman

The Energy and Water Ombudsman in each state is a free and independent service that can provide information, advice and assistance to customers.

If a Complainant is not satisfied with Real Utilities’ response or investigation about a lodged complaint or wishes to seek independent advice about it, the Complainant may contact the relevant state Energy Ombudsman for assistance or review of the outcome of the complaint.

The current contact details for the Energy Ombudsman in each state are below. 

a. Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

All our customers in NSW have the right to contact the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW at any time for independent advice and information. However, we do hope you will contact us directly to allow us the opportunity to rectify any issue

  • Free call: 1800 246 545
  • Free fax: 1800 812 291
  • Mail: Reply Paid 86550, Sydney South NSW 1234

b. Energy & Water Ombudsman VIC

  • Free call: 1800 500 509
  • Free fax: 1800 500 549
  • Mail: Reply Paid 469 Melbourne VIC 8060

6. Privacy of personal information

6.1 Real Utilities will respect the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles and any relevant privacy code registered under the Privacy Act.

6.2 Personal information will be collected when a Complainant makes contact to lodge a complaint. Personal information provided by a Complainant will be used during the complaint management process where required.

6.3 The Real Utilities Privacy Policy outlines how Real Utilities manages the personal information we hold, and applies to all divisions and organisations in the Real Utilities group. The Real Utilities Privacy Policy is available at and we can provide a free copy of the real utilities privacy policy on request.