News | 01 August 2021

Meet Project Sales Manager Robert Piromalli

Rob P

We popped into the Baldivis Grove Sales Office recently for a quick chat with Project Sales Manager Robert Piromalli. Amongst other things, he told us what he loved most about working at Baldivis Grove. 

How long have you been working with Frasers Property?
I started with Frasers Property around 14 months ago, taking on the role of Project Sales Manager at Baldivis Grove. 

What were you doing before?
I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent more than 20 years working in land sales at estates here in WA, so I have plenty of experience in the industry!

What do you love most about your job?
Here’s a good example – last week a young couple came in, their lot had just settled and they were both very emotional. It was an exciting time for them, they never thought they’d be able to own their first home. They were so happy with the process, and super excited about the future. We were all a bit emotional!
I especially enjoy helping first homebuyers, it’s a really big deal for them. That’s why I do what I do, and why I love it!

What’s one of the things that makes Baldivis Grove so special?
I’d say the Community Garden. It has grown so much over the years and brings people together every day. They have events and market days there, all the locals know each other. Most Sundays a group of locals hold gardening workshops which are very well attended, with mums and dads learning how to grow their own food, and kids playing nearby – although quite a few of the kids like to come in and get their hands dirty, too! It’s a simple, honest, grassroots community project initiated by Frasers Property that has taken off, and the residents really love it. 

Favourite coffee spot?
No question – Brother of Mine, in Baldivis Square!

Hot lot top picks?
I’ve got three lots left that overlook the newest section of the park that are pretty hot – Lots 77, 98, 101. These lots are located in Stage 2A fronting a landscaped park. You can check out the stage plan here. Get in quick! 

What trends have you noticed in the property market?
A heated housing market over the past 12 months has market translated into land sales. It’s started to balance out now, but spring is traditionally the busiest time of year for land sales, and the best time to buy. So if you’ve been thinking of purchasing land, now’s a great to come into the Sales Office for a chat. 

Any advice for first homebuyers?
Frasers Property has plenty of resources available to people looking to buy their first home, including some helpful tips, guides and videos on the website that talk you through the process. Best advice I’d give here is - come and talk to us!

Why should someone invest in Baldivis Grove?
Baldivis is a huge area, and there are a lot of competing estates. But I think Baldivis Grove is unique. When people come into the Sales Office, I take them outside and get them to stop and listen. Pretty much the only sound you hear is birdlife, thanks to the many large, mature trees. You can look around 360-degrees and just see trees and hear birds. It’s also such a pretty drive into the estate – very different from some of the other estates that are flat and have no trees. That’s one of the things people love most about Baldivis Grove. 

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