Live Life Get Active a great success

Fitness at Baldivis Parks is growing!

06 June 2018

Membership continues to grow really well at the Baldivis Parks camp.  Class sizes have continued to increase this term and there are a core group of members that are attending regularly and enjoying the community spirit the camp is bringing. The camp is increasingly being fully booked which is fantastic and the Friday morning yoga classes are being really well received. 

Camp stats

  • Most members are under 40 and 7% of the camp is male.
  • Camp positivity is an average of 7/10
  • Total weight and waist loss stands at 443kg and 604cm. A fantastic result by all involved!

Some of our LLGA attendees have shared their stories on why the camp has changed their outlook and future:

I go along with a family member because we both want to get fitter and lose weight. I've gone down a clothes size and feel more positive about what I can achieve. There is great support from the group and from the trainer, I've really felt encouraged to keep coming and work towards the goals I have.

I wanted to lose weight that I have put on from not training regularly due to an injury. It's starting to drop off and I am also happier within myself and have soooooo much more energy. I've enjoyed making new friends and being outdoors. All I lose by coming is an hour of couch time and there's so much to gain.

The camp at Baldivis is awesome for fitness, fun and reconnecting with people. My waist has gone down 5cm and I am so much happier and not so tired these days. I'm not so lonely anymore and feel like my days have purpose and enjoying interacting with lots of different people. I love it and have spread the word through social media as there are a lot of lonely, unhappy and overweight people in our neighbourhood.

Daphne - LLGA attendee

 Daphne - LLGA attendee

The weight and waist loss for this camp shows fantastic results for those that attend and we look forward to continuing to provide this service to the community in 2018.

For more information on how to register for the weekly FREE fitness classes in the central park visit the LLGA website

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