Osaka: A city for all seasons

If you’re looking for your next travel adventure but are unsure what time of year is best to go, Osaka could be the city for you. Simply breathtaking no matter the season, Osaka thrills the senses and delights the mind.

20 May 2019


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While northern cities like Sapporo are renowned for their winter beauty, the biting cold can be a turn-off for some travellers. Osaka on the other hand, is temperate year-round. With average winter temperatures between 2-12.C, the climate is more like Launceston than Lapland, making it reasonably comfortable to get out and explore. The Festival of Lights is a major winter attraction starting in late November and running through to early January, while the Ebisu Festival from 9-11 January lights up the city with colourful lanterns as people take to the streets to welcome peace and prosperity for another year.


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Summer is another busy month in Osaka, with beautiful subtropical temperatures and an abundance of festivals. While theme parks and popular attractions may seem the way to go in an Osaka-summer, school holiday crowds can make these places more trouble than they’re worth. For those that like things at a slightly less-frenzied pace, we recommend taking in summer culture and cuisine while visiting any number of Osaka’s beautiful gardens and beaches. Summer here is more about the relaxed vibe than any individual location, so take your time and enjoy the lantern festivals, firework displays, and perhaps even a game of baseball – the country’s sporting obsession.


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While Osaka is uniquely a city for all seasons, its most popular season is undeniably spring and it’s easy to see why – cherry blossoms.

These beautiful trees are synonymous with Japan and are the emblem of the nation. Their appearance coincides with hordes of local and international tourists hoping for that perfect Insta-snap of one of nature’s gorgeous wonders and ensuring spring is Japan’s busiest season. Yet Osaka stands tall above other locales as one of the best spots in the country to see these beautiful blooms. Recommended locations include Osaka Castle and Nishinomaru Garden, as well as Himeji Castle just a short train trip out of the city. Spring has much to offer aside from cherry blossoms, including the world-renowned Golden Week which takes place in April and May.


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Ah, Autumn. The most overlooked season in Osaka. Autumn is beautiful, vibrant, and (perhaps most importantly) a lot less busy than other seasons. Those that make time in autumn for leaf-peeping won’t be disappointed. Waiting to be discovered is a riot of colour as Japan’s foliage turns some of the most breathtaking shades of red and orange you’ll see anywhere in the world. This season is also perfect for visiting great tourist destinations like Universal Studios, one of Osaka’s most visited locations.

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