Live at HR

04 June 2023

Join us riverside at Hamilton Reach to enjoy a day filled with live performances, food trucks and wonderful community conversation.

Pack your picnic blanket, gather your friends and family, and get ready to treat your ears to the beautiful music that will be filling the air.

  • Food trucks with Alba Catering and London Spuds serving a delicious selection of food
  • Live music featuring Aviation High Music and outstanding Brisbane performers, including Majelen, Alex Kosenko and James Desbrow
  • Free Song writing workshop with The Buttery Music School 

Live at HR

Date: Sunday, 4 June 2023 

Times: 10am to 2pm

Location: Northshore Riverside Park, 312 MacArthur Avenue, Hamilton, QLD 4007 



10am: Majelen

10:30am: Aviation High Music Performance

11:45am: Alex Kosenko

12:30pm: James Desbrow

1:15pm: Lucy Korts




Three 30 minutes workshops delivered by The Buttery Music School will be hosted at 10:30am, 11:30am & 12.30pm

You can sign up for the workshops here:

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