Real Utilities officially maintains carbon neutral status

26 June 2023

Real Utilities has once again been recognised as a carbon-neutral organisation for the 2021-2022 reporting period.

Real Utilities has once again been recognised as a carbon neutral organisation after achieving Climate Active certification for the 2021-2022 reporting period.

Maintaining Climate Active certification for another year means Real Utilities continues to achieve net zero emissions in supplying carbon neutral energy and embedded network services to its customers.

Anita Hoskins, General Manager, Real Utilities says Climate Active certification is an important point of difference and central to the company’s promise to customers.

“Our customers rely on us to provide a supply of energy that is 100% carbon neutral, and Climate Active certification is how we keep our promise. It also means we continue to make a meaningful contribution to the decarbonisation efforts of our customers, and to Frasers Property Australia’s net zero strategy,” Ms Hoskins says

Established in 2017 as the licensed energy retailing business of Frasers Property Australia, Real Utilities delivers cheaper, greener, simpler energy solutions to customers. It provides 100% carbon neutral energy to customers across the residential, retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

Administered by the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, the Climate Active program recognises organisations which have credibly achieved net zero emissions. For more information on the Australian Government’s Climate Active program:

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