Sign is 'unapologetically cheerful'

Artist James Dive says his new interchangeable outdoor artwork that sends greetings to patrons of Frasers Property Australia's Ed.Square Town Centre is "unapologetically cheerful".

30 November 2020

Greetings was unveiled last week and greets passers-by with an illuminated up Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening message.

The greetings are enhanced by a shimmering wall of 22,000 black matte discs (each with a hint of magenta on the underside which peaks through in different weather conditions) which are fastened securely to the wall in a way that enables them to move gently with the wind. Each letter in each greeting stands 1.4 metres tall.

"The artwork is community facing so that provided a particular challenge, but also an opportunity," Mr Dive said. "It's a new community so I really wanted to tap into that energy. I wanted this artwork to be a welcomed part of your day. It's unapologetically cheerful. Even in the rain, it remains steadfast.

"The work is in constant motion, the typography can alter colour, it projects and reflects light. My hope is it is as dynamic as the community it now resides within.

"There is the also the option for the LED lights in the greeting to change colour, so perhaps on Valentine's Day the lighting could change to pink or to green on St Patrick's Day. In that way the artwork can keep people surprised."

Liverpool mayor Wendy Waller with Ed.Square Development Director, Warwick Dowler at the switching-on ceremony last week. 

"Liverpool residents have told us how important public art is to them," Mayor Waller said. "Ed.Square is one of the most important new communities in NSW, given its size, location, connectivity and amenities. An important meeting place for Ed.Square residents, Liverpool locals and people from the broader south-west Sydney region deserve an artwork like this."



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