5 Must Try Cuisines In Ed.Square

Eat Street at Ed.Square Town Centre is a multicultural melting pot with over 20 delicious and diverse cuisines. From Nepalese momos to Turkish gözleme, there is an abundance of flavoursome food to try.

06 June 2022

Take your tastebuds on a food tour of Ed.Square and discover these five exciting cuisines. By sampling each restaurant’s must-try dish, you’ll not only immerse yourself in a new culture but find yourself wanting to return to try the endless variety of flavours and tastes that Eat Street has on offer. 

Vietnamese: Fla Vie Bistro - Luk-Lak Wagyu Cubes
Vietnam is famous for its piping hot bowls of pho, crunchy báhn mì and fresh rice paper rolls, but so much of this cuisine is yet to be discovered! Fla Vie Bistro is shining a light on traditional Vietnamese cuisine and giving it a modern twist with a touch of luxury. 

One dish that Vietnamese born restaurant owner, Thuy and head chef, Sonny recommend is Fla Vie’s Luk-Lak Wagyu Cubes. Luk-lak translates to “shaking beef” in Vietnamese and refers to the traditional cooking method of shaking the wagyu in a wok over the flame. The beef cubes are thick, tender and bathed in a generous serving of Fla Vie’s special peppercorn sauce. A side of jasmine rice is recommended to soak up the extra sauce, and some regulars even order a bread roll to mop it all up!

Wagyu Cubes 2000x1125


Nepalese: Hungry Sherpa - Chicken Momos
Experience the spirit of Himalayan cuisine at Hungry Sherpa. Specialising in Nepalese street food, this restaurant serves up a lip-smacking menu of momos, chowmein and thali sets. Hungry Sherpa’s showstopper dish is their momos, which can be steamed, fried or sautéed in chilli sauce. Each bite-size dumpling bursts with flavour and spice, and is best enjoyed with Hungry Sherpa’s special roasted tomato Sechuwan chutney. 

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Japanese: Sushi On Fire - Miso Garlic Beef Volcano
All aboard the sushi train to experience a taste of Tokyo at Sushi on Fire. This Japanese restaurant is loved for its speedy service and salivating sushi and serves a variety of nigiri, sashimi, gunkan and rolls. Head chef, Roy Zheng’s must-try dish is the Miso Garlic Beef Volcano with flame torched wagyu beef. The team have given this popular Japanese dish an Aussie flare by adding a generous drizzle of chilli mayo over the miso garlic sauce. It’s rich, it’s tender, and it will easily be devoured in a single bite!

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Sushi_2 2000x1125https://www.sushionfire.com.au


Turkish: Gözleme Grill - Spiced Beef Gözleme
Whether eaten as a street food snack or as part of a breakfast banquet, gözeleme is an essential part of Turkish cuisine. You don’t have to travel to Turkey for a taste of this simple yet satisfying snack because Ed.Square has its very own Gözleme Grill! Each gözleme is cooked fresh on order, right in front of you, using dough that has been made from scratch. Their must-try gözleme is the Spiced Beef with beef mince, onion, spinach, cheese and a secret spice mix. It’s crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, and makes the perfect grab-and-go snack.

Gozleme 2000x1125https://www.edsquare.shopping/Stores/Gozleme


Italian: Enzo’s Cucina - Gnocchi Gamberi
Nothing says Italian food like a big bowl of gnocchi! To try a bowl of these these soft and pillowy, potato dumplings, head to Enzo’s Cucina. Their must-try Gnocchi Gamberi is bathed in a creamy, rose sauce; inspired by a dish Enzo’s Italian mother cooked for him as a child. The addition of prawns pays homage to fresh seafood from the Bay of Naples and enhances the richness of the sauce. Buonissimo!

Gnocchi 2000x1125https://enzoscucina.com.au


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