The Best Winter Warming Desserts at Ed.

To survive winter, you need three things: a woolly jumper, a heated blanket and an endless supply of desserts.

02 August 2022

Enjoy a sugar high this season with the most indulgent sweet treats that Ed.Square has to offer. Try one or try all five – we won’t judge you!


Daily Bean’s Brûlée French Toast
Daily Bean’s Brûlée French Toast is worth coming out of hibernation for on those cold and crisp winter mornings. It pairs thick, fluffy slices of Brioche bread with the sweet and creamy textures of Crème Brûlée. A refreshing dollop of berry compote and seasonal fruits then finishes it off. Grab a fork and dive right in!

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Royal Copenhagen’s Strawberry, Banana and Cream Waffle
It’s no secret that Royal Copenhagen is Ed.Square’s home of freshly made ice cream but did you know that they’re also a winter waffle wonderland? Finished with a moreish golden crust, their Belgian waffles give way to a deliciously crunchy, chewy bite. Go for the classic strawberry, banana and cream waffle, or choose your adventure by loading it with your pick of ice cream, sauce and toppings. Winter is no time to hold back on the extras!

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Baby Bao’s Fried Custard Buns
Nothing is going to warm you up like biting into one of Baby Bao’s hot and creamy custard buns. These perfectly golden, fluffy doughballs are handmade with love, filled with a lightly sweet, custard centre and lathered in creamy condensed milk. Whether you’re looking to satisfy those late-night sugar cravings or just after a post-dinner pick-me-up, these buns make the sweetest snack. PS: You can get adventurous and try their ube flavour too.

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Lone Star’s “Waffle On”
One of our favourite places to beat the winter chill is Lone Star Rib House. These legends are known for their good ol’ fashioned, Southern-style ribs and brews – but their desserts stack up too!

Say howdy to their decadent winter waffles, toasted and topped with melty chocolate, Oreos, fresh strawberries and ice cream. The sweetest way to stay toasty during the cold months.

Dessert Article_Lone Star 2000x1125


Max Brenner’s Chocolate Soufflé
A list of Ed.Square’s best desserts is incomplete without a trip to our very own chocolate factory and dessert parlour, Max Brenner. The Bald Man’s rich chocolate soufflé always rises to the occasion with its warm melting centre and a generous drizzle of silky milk chocolate. Be sure to also order a classic hot chocolate to keep the fingers warm.

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