Top 5 Dog Walks in Macquarie Park

26 September 2023


Looking for a place to walk your four-legged friend? Well look no further. In this blog, we’ll unpack the top 5 local walks that are bound to get tails wagging.

1. Walk from Macquarie Centre through to Santa Rosa Park


A local favourite, this walk is perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and trails through Shrimptons Creek. Shaded by large gum trees, it’s the perfect walk as we head into the warmer months. You’ll often see wildlife here, from turtles to birds. At the end of the walk is the Santa Rosa Dog Park, home to a community of friendly dog owners, who walk their dogs there daily - It’s a great place for you to catch your breath, and let your dog off leash with some new friends.

2. North Ryde Common


If you like to break up your walk with a game of fetch, North Ryde Common is a great choice. You’ll often find other dog walkers here, so it’s the perfect opportunity to meet new people, and for your pooch to make some new friends.

3. Macquarie University Lake


This location is so picturesque, we’ll forgive you if you think it looks like a scene from a movie. It’s hard to believe it’s actually part of the Macquarie University campus. Pack a book and sit by the lake as your pup stretches their legs, or play a game of fetch and take in the surroundings. We’re so lucky to have this park just 2km away from Midtown.

4. Blenheim Park


For a dog walk with kids - you can’t go past Blenheim Park. With an incredible playground, and its friendly community of dog lovers and a designated off-leash area, Blenheim Park is not only a delightful destination for canines but also a space where owners can socialise and share in the joy of pet ownership, it’s fun for everyone. Shaded by mature trees, it’s perfect year-round, and is definitely one to add to the rotation.

5. Ryde Park


Ryde Park, situated in the heart of Ryde, is a practical choice for dog owners looking for a convenient spot to walk their pets. This well-maintained park offers ample space for dogs to stretch their legs and explore. The paved pathways make for easy walking, and the park's central location makes it easily accessible for local residents. With designated areas for off-leash play, dogs have the opportunity to socialise and interact with other furry companions. The park's straightforward layout and practical amenities cater to the practical needs of both dogs and their owners, making it a reliable go-to spot for dog walking in our local area.

Macquarie Park boasts a range of dog-friendly options for enjoyable walks. These parks each offer practical amenities, well-maintained spaces, and designated areas for off-leash play. Whether you're after a convenient location like Ryde Park or prefer the serene surroundings of Blenheim Park, these parks cater to various preferences and needs of both dogs and their owners. So, explore these accessible and dog-friendly spots for a satisfying outing with your furry companion in Macquarie Park.

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