Construction of the future boat harbour at The Waterfront.

Stage One Construction: Commenced in January 2013 and was successfully completed on schedule in 2014. The stage one construction work involved:

  • Excavation of the western boat harbour basin to rippable rock level
  • Initial construction of the breakwater and groyne within a coffer dam in the beach zone
  • Construction of the northern temporary surcharge mounds
  • Construction of the southern temporary surcharge mounds
  • Sorting of stockpiles for reuse in construction works
  • Placement of surplus material from the excavation in a landscape mound
  • Construction of a stormwater diversion bund to divert stormwater flows around the site

Stage Two Construction: Construction commenced in 2014 and was complete in June 2017. The stage two construction work involved;

  • Excavation of the eastern boat harbour basin and treatment of the acid sulphate soils
  • Construction of the harbour edge concrete wall and rock revetment
  • Sorting of existing stockpiles for reuse
  • Completion of the southern temporary surcharge mound
  • Re-location of the northern temporary surcharge mound (approximate duration two years)

Stage Three Construction: Is the final stage of construction and has commenced in 2017. The Stage three construction work involves:

  • Construction of the timber boardwalk around the harbour foreshore
  • Construction of the public boat ramp with jetty and trailer parking
  • Construction of the breakwater and groyne in the ocean and dredging of the entry channel to let water into the harbour
  • Placement of surplus material from excavation into landscape mounds providing a visual buffer for Bass Point Quarry