Parks and Playgrounds

At The Waterfront, Shell Cove no two days ever have to be the same. The Waterfront offers a beautiful natural setting with an abundance of open spaces, including an extensive network of cycleways and walkways leading to parks, playgrounds, wetlands and beaches, making it the perfect place for people at every stage of life. Here you are never more than a short stroll away from green open spaces.

Harbourside Parks

Harbourside green open spaces are dotted around the harbour foreshore providing spaces to relax, picnic and play while taking in marina views.

Harbourside Kid's Beach

Enjoy the Kid’s Beach at the harbour foreshore, its the perfect place to dig in the sand and wade in the water and conveniently located just steps from the Town Centre. Two future harbourside playgrounds are also planned around the harbour foreshore due to be complete in 2025.

Parks & Playgrounds

Just a short stroll from the Town Centre, Wetlands Park provides plenty of green open space set around beautiful wetlands and offering a kids playground, walkways and a wetland viewing point. From here you can walk to other parks and playgrounds throughout Shell Cove all connected by an extensive network of walkways.

Killalea Regional Park

Adjoining Shell Cove is Killalea Regional Park offering over 250 hectares of parkland, rainforest areas and beaches including a national surfing reserve. Visit for a day to surf the famous surf breaks or come to enjoy the expansive parklands, beaches, walking tracks, viewpoints or just simply grab some lunch at the Killalea Park Kiosk while taking in spectacular ocean views.

Bass Point

Revered for its diverse marine habitat, Bass Point boasts 72 hectares of stunning coastal reserve with lookouts, bushwalks, picnic areas and several snorkelling and diving spots including the renowned Bushrangers Bay. Here you can be surrounded by nature and feel a million miles away while only being 3km from the Shell Cove Town Centre.