Sand Plug Removal Progress

15 April 2021

Over the past few weeks we’ve continued on our work removing the sand plug connecting the Boat Harbour waters to Coastal waters and Thursday morning’s photo highlights our progress.

construction update

The tides are playing a big part in our program.  During the incoming tides we focus on the sand plug removal, and on all outgoing tides we load dry material from the top of the sand plug and transport it over into the stockpile areas in preparation for the next incoming tide.

We have 4 silt containment skirted curtains within the breakwall and groyne which is mitigating water turbulance. The tidal movements have been kind to us this week with no overly large tides occurring, and wind and swell conditions relatively optimal for our works. We hope that this good weather continues so that we can continue to remove the sand plug over the coming weeks.

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