Real Utilities delivers embedded energy network for Mazda

Automotive giant switched on to carbon neutral energy

14 April 2022

  • Real Utilities completes embedded energy network for Mazda Australia
  • Mazda’s National Parts Distribution Centre now powered by carbon neutral energy
  • Real Utilities provides green energy for the cost of brown

Real Utilities, Frasers Property Australia’s wholly owned licensed energy retailing business, has completed a new embedded energy network featuring a 900kW rooftop solar PV installation at Mazda Australia’s National Parts Distribution Centre at 4Ten Epping in Melbourne. The facility, which is developed, owned and operated by Frasers Property Industrial, is now powered by 100% carbon neutral energy.

Through a combination of renewable energy generated on site via the extensive solar PV array, as well as certified carbon offsets and certified renewable energy certificates, Real Utilities will provide green power for the price of brown to the state-of-the-art Mazda facility.

The 37,235 sqm facility is located in the 4Ten Epping industrial estate in Melbourne’s north, part of Frasers Property Industrial’s portfolio in Australia.

“Real Utilities is in a unique position to be able to leverage our understanding of property and experience in development to provide a tailored carbon neutral energy solution suited to the specific needs of Mazda and the property itself,” says Paolo Bevilacqua, General Manager, Real Utilities.

“By owning and managing the energy infrastructure within the development, we can provide an energy solution to enable Mazda to focus on its core operations while enjoying the benefits of 100% certified carbon neutral energy,” he says.

Mazda Australia Head of Finance and Company Secretary Amanda Darmanin says, “Mazda is on its own path to carbon neutrality; aligning with Real Utilities is an important stepping stone on our journey to Sustainable Zoom Zoom,” she said.

“At a product level we continue to develop technologies and vehicles that deliver real-world efficiency and better environmental performance, and we expect the same commitment to sustainability from our suppliers and our partners, which is why the Real Utilities solution so appealed to Mazda.”

Real Utilities owns and operates embedded energy networks within residential, retail, commercial, industrial, mixed-use and build-to-rent projects, providing 100% carbon neutral energy as certified by the Australian Government’s Climate Active program.

Real Utilities supplies energy to Frasers Property Australia’s residential communities, shopping centres, and commercial and build-to-rent buildings, as well as Frasers Property Industrial’s assets in Australia. As a stand-alone licensed energy retailing business, the company also works with external customers, contributing to their sustainability programs and carbon reduction strategies.

In April 2021, Real Utilities signed a seven-year renewable energy certificate purchase agreement with Origin Energy which will see the company purchase 140,000 certificates per year from 2024 to 2030 to cover 100% of the projected electricity demands of its business and residential customers.

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