Balanced Energy Homes: saving money, and the environment

14 February 2022

Sustainable building design is becoming an increasingly important consideration amongst both homeowners and investors. ‘Green’, energy efficient features within a home are more valuable than ever given the savings produced for both our planet and wallet alike.

Balanced Energy Homes – or BE.Homes – are 51 net zero energy demand homes that will be delivered by Frasers Property Australia and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) at Ed.Square in south-west Sydney. Real Utilities is the carbon neutral energy provider for BE.Homes, as the owner and operator of the embedded network which will be installed in the precinct. The BE.Homes will incorporate a multitude of energy efficient features including 4kW of solar PV per dwelling, geothermal heating and cooling, induction cooktops, electric boosted solar hot water, LED lighting and roof insulation.

ARENA is a government agency dedicated to supporting and accelerating Australia’s transition to net zero carbon emissions. The net zero initiative – which will cost an additional $1.42 million on top of the base design – received $708,910 in funding from ARENA to match FPA’s contribution, and aims to expand the knowledge and understanding of renewable energy technology so these innovations can be refined and developed to elevate the energy performance of Australian housing.

Data captured for ARENA from the homes will provide valuable insights into the cost, efficiency, and effectiveness of new sustainable housing technology. ARENA’s goal for this project is to expand the knowledge of renewable energy technology, with the objective of using it to elevate the energy performance of Australian housing in the future.

Real Utilities is proud to be part of this game-changing development, providing cheaper and greener, Climate Active-certified 100% carbon neutral energy to all the BE.Homes.

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