Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide Rankings

The latest Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide, which ranks Australia’s electricity companies from cleanest and greenest to the biggest polluters, has been released. Real Utilities came in 18th.

18 February 2022

Real Utilities General Manager Paolo Bevilacqua says it’s a pleasing result for the company, now in its fifth year of operation.

“This Greenpeace ranking provides a valuable benchmark for Real Utilities as it recognises the significant progress we’ve made in recent times, while clarifying the work we have in front of us,” Mr Bevilacqua says.

“We’re confident our ranking will rise in the future because the strategies we have in place to increase our energy procurement from renewable sources are firmly in place.”

Importantly, Real Utilities has secured a renewable energy certificate purchase agreement with Origin Energy which will see it purchase 140,000 certificates per year from 2024 to 2030 to cover 100% of the projected electricity demands of its customers.

“As we move towards the position whereby 100% of the energy, we supply our customers will come from renewable energy sources, we’ll contribute further to the decarbonisation strategies of our customers while playing a key role in Frasers Property Australia’s target to be net zero by 2028,” Mr Bevilacqua says.

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The Green Electricity Guide is 100% independent. Unlike other electricity provider comparison sites, Greenpeace don't receive a cent from electricity retailers – or any other corporations. This version of the guide has been researched and created by Greenpeace with advice and support from the Total Environment Centre, who remain ongoing partners to the project and co-creators of the 2014, 2015 and 2018 versions of the guide.

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