A Different Way

It's how we create better, smarter spaces.

Our changing world demands a different approach.

In 2015 we created A Different Way – a whole new way of thinking and working that helps us boldly grow our business in ways that are good for our people, our customers and the environment.

A Different Way is how we, at Frasers Property Australia, talk about our vision for a more sustainable future. It's our commitment to creating places where resources are reused, recycled and restored. It's where new ideas are fostered to support people and the planet, and where we commit ourselves to progressive initiatives to help people lead better, healthier lives.

To achieve our goals, we've focused A Different Way on three core pillars: Acting Progressively, Focusing on People and Consuming Responsibly. Each of these pillars is supported by ambitious goals and targets that pinpoint how we plan to make a difference, and when.

You can read all about A Different Way right here. And because we believe in openly sharing both our successes and our challenges, you can follow Our Progress right here too.

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