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Creating a better way to live.

At Frasers Property Australia, social and environmental sustainability is integral to our ambition to create stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods that promise greater futures. From site acquisition and project design to delivery, operation, reporting and beyond, we’re guided by a sustainability strategy that reduces our impact on the planet, while improving quality of life for people.

Through fostering resilient communities, carbon-reducing initiatives, responsibly sourcing services and materials, providing clean energy, using green finance and being accountable through independent tools and ratings, we contribute to a better, cleaner future.

Our Priorities

Sustainability priorities evolve constantly. As such, we need to be flexible and resilient. We need to rethink our current systems and technologies to enable sustainable development and to make a difference in a changing world.

We're fostering an innovation culture to develop scalable solutions, and to create adaptable places that will withstand shifts in demographics, climate and lifestyle.

Happier communities

Our purpose as a business is to create belonging. This begins with the way we expertly design our neighbourhoods, and continues with the support we give to communities as they form and grow.

In addition to our investments in community development, Frasers Property Australia is engaged in a mission to raise awareness and reduce the impact of loneliness in Australian life. In this fight, we are very proud to be a producing partner in the documentary film, The Great Separation, and an industry advisor to Ending Loneliness Together.

Smarter environments

Finding better ways to live with lower impact has been our focus for decades. We’ve led the way with innovations that have improved the energy and water use of homes including Green Star design, geothermal and solar energy capture, and carbon-neutral power supply through our energy retailer, Real Utilities.

World leadership

We were the first in the world to achieve Living Building Challenge® Petal Certification for a retail building, and in doing so, we developed The Greensheet, Australia’s first comprehensive database of healthy building materials, freely available for everyone’s use. Additionally, 100% of our corporate funding is secured in the form of sustainability-linked loans.

Resilient communities

Thirteen Frasers Property communities are certified under the Green Star Communities tool, seven of which have achieved a 6 Star rating, representing World Leadership in sustainability. The remaining six have certified 5 Star ratings, representing Australian Leadership. We’ve also maintained the highest possible GRESB 5-star rating since 2018.

Real Utilities

Real Utilities is Frasers Property Australia’s carbon-neutral energy retailer providing 100% Climate Active-certified energy to many of our residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. It plays a key role in both our decarbonisation efforts and those of our customers.

Strong foundations

World leadership

We have maintained the highest GRESB 5-star rating since 2018.

Our sustainability approach, from our carbon-reducing initiatives, use of green finance, increasing the resilience of our communities, responsibly sourcing services and materials, and using third-party certifications to benchmark our work, underpins our global leadership position.

Resilient communities

Eleven Frasers Property communities are certified under the Green Star Communities tool and six have achieved a 6 Star rating, representing World Leadership in sustainability.

The remaining five have certified 5 Star ratings, representing Australian Leadership.


Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Australian Passive House Association

Better Buildings Partnership

Green Building Council of Australia


International Living Future Institute (ILFI) 

International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)


Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)

Science-Based Targets Initiative

Supply Nation

An award-winning approach

Our pioneering projects and initiatives set new standards and improve sustainability results industry-wide. As a global sustainability leader, we’re consistently recognised for our achievements across various sectors and regions, as well as on multiple award platforms.