To stay ahead, we need to be flexible and resilient in the way we operate. We need to develop scalable solutions, and adaptable places that will withstand shifts in demographics, climate and lifestyle.

We have long term goals, plus short term targets that we refresh every two years. For Resilient Properties, our long term goal is: By 2030, we aim to provide flexibility for future social and environmental scenarios.

Our current targets.

  • Resilience

    Align FPA's governance, business strategy and risk management procedures to account for climate related risks in accordance with TCFD recommendations, by 30 September 2021

  • We have completed a gap analysis of current processes against TCFD recommendations and have appointed a consultant to assist in reviewing our current systems and procedures to meet TCFD requirements.

  • In Progress

    In progress

Track the progress of A Different Way

We publish our progress, including our successes and challenges, on this website. To see our progress since launching our A Different Way sustainability strategy in 2015, click here.