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Our track record

With the capacity to plan, deliver and manage projects through the full property cycle, Frasers Property Australia exists to create belonging in stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods.

Since 1924, we have been known for our strong track record of high-quality residential, commercial, retail, build-to-rent and mixed use projects which leave a positive legacy. We are a preferred partner of choice for Government, and we collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure the award-winning communities we create are places people are proud to live and work in.

Global sustainability leaders

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from our own operations to the projects we create and the solutions we provide customers.

Frasers Property has certified over 8.6 million sqm of Green Star space and maintains a 5 star GRESB rating.


Dating all the way back to the pioneering days of property legend T.M. Burke in 1924 to some of the country’s best known landmarks and communities today, our reputation and legacy is built on a century of Australian placemaking.


Everything we focus on – from design to construction, to sustainability and community development, to the causes we champion and the people that make up our business – speaks to our unwavering commitment to excellence and quality.


Care you can count on - as a purchaser and member of Care & Rewards, you'll enjoy a lifetime of exclusive rewards and customer care you can count on. We want you to feel proud and confident about your choice to invest with us long after you’ve made it. For nearly a century, we’ve built our proud reputation for caring for the people we serve and the communities we help to create. We go beyond bricks and mortar. That’s our promise.


Foundational to our purpose as a business is the creation of stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods that enhance the way people connect with each other. We do this because we believe enduring community spirit is key to a profound sense of human contentment.