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We're building a diverse and inclusive future

We experience the benefits of our Diversity and Inclusion approach across our business every day. Our people and our business benefit too. Through greater diversity of thought, experience, skills, and perspectives, we create better, inclusive outcomes and stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods.

Our Diversity and Inclusion program fosters an environment and culture in which everyone is respected, empowered, and heard. We recognise and celebrate the differences of our people and we provide equal opportunities and flexible arrangements to support everyone equally.

Diversity and Inclusion

Shaped by our staff, for our staff: Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Our work on Diversity and Inclusion at Frasers Property Australia creates an environment in which people feel they belong, where they can be their true self, and in doing so, we celebrate the value they contribute.  

This work has four key focus areas which we know our people are passionate about, because they identified them: Mental Health; Ethnicity & Culture; Gender Equality, Domestic & Family Violence; and Frasers Pride Australia, which is our network to support our LGBTQIA+ community. Programs and initiatives focused in these areas are progressed through our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

Flexible work for everyone

At Frasers Property, our ‘all roles flex’ approach to work means everyone benefits from our industry-leading flexible work policies and inclusions. Emphasised by our values, we are respectful, and we respect that everyone has different needs, responsibilities and desires. All roles flex is how we accommodate these because we believe work is something you do, not a place you go. It's part of our culture and we invest in it, for instance through our study partnership with The University of NSW Business School to investigate the evolution of workplace preferences post COVID-19.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Frasers Property in Australia acknowledges it is important for us to work with the Traditional Owners of the land, and to commit to actions that are respectful while creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to participate.

We do this through our Reconciliation Action Plan, which has three focus areas: genuine relationship building, knowledge and partnerships. Our plan ensures we seek input from Traditional Owners, collaborate through all project stages, find new opportunities to work with and support the greater economic empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, create a culturally safe and diverse workplace, and more.

Artwork: ‘People, communities and places’ by Marcus Lee.

Creating change at scale

Frasers Property is a core member of leading property industry associations and alliances. As corporate member, Frasers Property and our people help to shape the advocacy, networking, professional development and research work of the industry.

Frasers Property empowers and encourages our people to shape the future through involvement in forums, programs and initiatives that they’re passionate about, and in which they can create positive change. Frasers Property is a foundation member of the Property Champions of Change program and our CEO Cameron Leggatt continues to represent our company.



Property Council of Australia

Champions of Change Coalition

UDIA National

White Ribbon Accredited Workplace

Reconciliation Australia

Diversity Council of Australia

Industry leadership

Our progressive approach to diversity and inclusion in our workplace is a powerful point of difference, and the industry has taken notice. We’re proud of our achievements, and our list of accolades continues to grow.