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At Frasers Property, we exist to create stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods because our future depends on it.

We believe in creating places for good. This includes our workplaces.

At Frasers Property, we work hard to create a culture of collaboration, diversity and equality. Where hard work is rewarded, and experiences are shared. Because when we learn together, we grow together.

Our diverse business means we offer a wide variety of career pathways that take you across our portfolio, and the country. We are incredibly proud of our people and encourage them to take charge of their career and professional development.

Find a place you belong at Frasers Property.

Learning & Development

We’re committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning at Frasers Property and understand that investing in our people means we’re investing in our future. We provide a wide range of learning programs, experiences, and support to equip our people to be the best they can be, and to keep pace with the evolving needs of our customers.

We encourage our people to proactively steer their careers, and to discuss current and future opportunities for growth and development with their manager.

Mentoring & leadership programs

As part of our Learning & Development offering, the Frasers Property Internal Mentoring Program is designed to accelerate personal and professional development and support individuals to perform at their best and progress their careers.

Emerge is a 12-month program which aims to unlock the potential of our emerging talent across Frasers Property. Participants engage in a range of workshops, coaching and experiences designed to grow their understanding of our business, their networks, and to develop their skills in areas such as communication and career management.

Project & Development management

Investments & Capital Transactions

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