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myFrasersProperty 13 38 38

Our commitment to creating sustainable workplaces

We draw on our global leadership in sustainability to create progressive workplaces which deliver comfortable, inspiring experiences for people.

Through smart design, efficient operation and effective property management, as well as our in-house expertise in carbon neutral energy, Frasers Property minimises the environmental footprint of our office spaces to future-proof our assets as well as our tenants’ operations. It’s smart for business, and smart for the future.

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Good for people, good for business

We believe a day at work should have a positive impact on people and their wellbeing. The commercial and office spaces we create and manage respond not only to modern work needs but modern lifestyles too.

End-of-Trip facilities
Onsite gyms and wellness centres
Childcare and early learning centres
Community Development Managers

Our Commercial communities

Being part of a Frasers Property commercial environment means belonging to a community.

We apply our place-making and community development expertise to create comfortable, engaging and sustainable places.

Managed by our Community Development team, the community development initiatives, activations, workshops and events we invest in on behalf of our Commercial community bring people together.