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The Grove Grows

Nestled between the banks of the Werribee River and Davis Creek is The Grove, a thriving community in Melbourne’s west that is every part as idyllic as its name suggests. Live proud magazine caught up with the team behind the project to find out what makes The Grove such an incomparable place to live.

12 May 2022

The Grove may only be 31kms from the Melbourne CBD, but it feels a world away. Life is a little slower on the fringes of the city, where tree-lined streets, fresh air, tranquil waterways and wetlands offer a spot for contemplation and a moment’s peace. Offering a more relaxing way of life for families who love the outdoors but still want the convenience of everything they need right on their doorstep, The Grove is unlike any other community in Melbourne’s west.

First acquired by Frasers Property in 2018, the past couple of years have seen the neighbourhood thrive and evolve into a community which offers a unique and harmonious lifestyle.

Life by the river

Located in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing regions and with over 1,400 homes now standing, The Grove makes the most of its waterway borders with expansive wetlands, walking paths and beautiful picnic spots for the whole family. The community is also home to numerous parks, playgrounds, a café and the newly opened Dianella Community Centre.

“The level of amenity that has been delivered at The Grove to date is a real highlight for residents”, reflects Clare Swanson, the neighbourhood’s Community Development Manager.

“They’re very close to schools, as well as beautiful wetlands, walking trails and parks. The Little Growling Café in particular has become a favourite with the community. It has transformed into a hub for the neighbourhood over the years.”

David Mazzotta, Senior Community Development Manager at The Grove agrees. “The Grove has developed very quickly in terms of securing that key public infrastructure as well. For example, we recently opened the community activity centre, which has a three room kinder, community meeting spaces and Maternal and Child Health services.”

Elevating this level of convenience and public amenity even further is The Grove’s proximity to major connection links. With the Tarneit Train Station and Princes Highway not far away, residents will always feel connected to both the Geelong and Melbourne CBDs.

The Grove Grows

The people of The Grove

A place is nothing without its people, and the community at The Grove is no exception.

“The Grove feels like an established neighbourhood, there’s a real sense of community spirit”, comments Amandip Gurm, Project Marketing Manager at Frasers Property Australia. “Residents have told us that the community at The Grove is what makes it such a great place to live.”

In part, this is aided by the team behind the project. “The Community Development team are very involved with the residents”, Amandip adds, “they make sure we provide every opportunity to bring people together and help facilitate those connections within the community.”

Some of the regular fixtures on The Grove’s event line-up include the popular Live Life Get Active exercise program and The Bush Bus, a nature-inspired playgroup for preschool-aged children.

“What I love most about The Bush Bus is that it is attended by people of all ages”, shares Clare, “it’s not just mums and bubs, but the grandparents and the dads as well. All kinds of people take their children to the playgroup, which gives them the opportunity to meet and get to know each other.”

However, perhaps the biggest reason why the community development team’s work has been so successful is because of the engagement and willingness of the residents themselves.

“They want to be engaged”, explains Clare, “some communities want to keep to themselves, but the residents at The Grove want to be a part of their neighbourhood. They have the kind of community where, if their neighbour left their garage door open, they’d let them know. They’re good at looking out for each other.”

This community spirit also extends to Rashi, the owner of Little Growling Café. “She’s very community-minded”, says David, “she does a lot of community-oriented events and activities to help bring everyone together." The café has hosted Easter events, small business networking opportunities and most recently, a morning tea for International Women’s Day.

The Grove Grows

The community continues to grow

As far as The Grove has come, there is still so much to look forward to. When complete, the community will be home to 8,000 residents, 11 hectares of open space and every convenience residents need for their everyday lives.

“Planning for The Grove’s town centre is underway, with completion anticipated for late 2024”, shares Amandip. The centre will offer residents the convenience of a supermarket, cafes and restaurants, all within walking distance from home.

Parents can also look forward to two future schools, one primary and one secondary, while even more wetlands are set to join The Grove’s already extensive outdoor offering.

“I recently spoke to a resident who had just purchased their first home opposite one of the parks at The Grove”, recalls Amandip, “they mentioned how they were looking forward to being able to walk their dog around the community, as well as all the other little aspects about how The Grove was going to benefit them and their lifestyle.

“It’s really rewarding – seeing the pride and excitement of the people who are moving in. And not just for me, but for the whole team. The biggest accomplishment for us is hearing those resident stories and their excitement. That’s when we know we’ve done something right.”

The Grove Grows

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