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The Development of Australia

It’s been famously said that ‘we shape our buildings, and thereafter they shape us’. And it’s not just buildings – the design of our cities and suburbs also shape who we become as people and communities. The fascinating story of how exactly urban development does this is the theme of a new editorial series created in partnership between Frasers Property Australia and, called The Development of Australia. We take a look.

07 October 2022
Development of Australia

Look closely at the suburbs of Australia, and you’ll see the history of the nation written in its architecture and urban form. From the early settler’s sandstone colonial buildings and Gold Rush-era Victorian terraces to inner-city worker’s cottages and the classic mid-century 3-bedroom brick veneer in the suburbs, the way we live has evolved as our population has grown and the opportunities of modernity have been realised.

But it’s not just our homes that have changed. According to the most recent Census data, we live in smaller households than we did a decade ago, with fewer family members sharing with us. We are delaying marriage and having children later in life. We’re renting longer too. And even taking into account a significant increase in regional migration in recent years, the density of our cities continues to grow rapidly.

Reflecting the twists and turns of our multifaceted history as well as the contributions and character of our multicultural population, the development of Australia is always in perpetual motion. Divining the future of where we’re headed is the theme of a fascinating editorial series commissioned by Frasers Property Australia in partnership with Search for Real Estate, Property & Homes -, called The Development of Australia.

Across eight information-packed video episodes featuring commentary from leading industry experts, the series unpacks an array of property-related topics including community development, urban design, architecture, affordability, apartment living, sustainability, and lifestyle.

Development of Australia

In her role as General Manager, Brand & Customer at Frasers Property Australia, Emily Wood commissioned The Development of Australia project with a firm view that the stories to be told throughout the series reflect an important aspect of the Australian experience.

“Australians are a pretty property-obsessed people. Even if we’re not buying it or selling it, we’re talking about it in some way,” explains Emily. “So it made sense to tap into that conversation in more deeply than the common topics of house values and availability.

“We really wanted to get into the way Australia’s development reflects who we are as people. How have our communities evolved? What does increased mobility and changing demographics mean for where we live and how often we change homes? How are developers balancing increasing urbanisation with greener spaces and sustainability initiatives? It’s all explored in Development of Australia.”

Development of Australia

Published monthly across’s website and YouTube channel, each episode – and accompanying article – is a self-contained fount of wisdom on a select topic. Taken together they form a deeply comprehensive exploration of the macro and micro forces that shape the way Australians live today.

Tobias Johnstone, General Manager, Content and Growth at REA Group says the symbiotic relationship between people and place is one that doesn’t get talked about enough outside the worlds of architecture and design, and that opening up that story in a topical and informative way is the driving force behind the series.

“The series brings together Australia’s brightest minds across urban design, architecture, economics and social sciences to provide rich insight into our unique built environment,” says Tobias. “It’s a story of where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. You don’t need to be a property buyer or seller to engage with this series; it’s for anyone curious about how we’ve shaped the places we inhabit and, in turn, how these places shape our lives.”

Catch up on all the Development of Australia content so far at Development of Australia or on YouTube.