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The Spirit of Generosity

With more than 13,000 members, Frasers Property’s Care & Rewards program isn’t just a rewarding way to upgrade into a new home or buy an investment property, it’s a great opportunity to provide a leg up to friends and family too.

14 May 2024

Loyalty programs have become a staple in the Australian marketplace, ranging from frequent flyer points to coffee punch cards. According to recent data, 90% of Australian consumers are enrolled in at least one loyalty program. The draw?

A unique blend of value, exclusivity, and customer experience that encourages brand affiliation and positive word of mouth.

The Frasers Property Care & Rewards program is a loyalty program with a difference. Specifically crafted to the dreams and aspirations of property buyers and refined through feedback from its vast community of over 13,000 members, this program offers more than just rewards— it promises outstanding customer care steeped in the spirit of generosity.

Every aspect of the Frasers Property buying process, from accessing necessary documents online to getting timely construction updates, is streamlined via the myFrasersProperty app for 24/7 customer convenience. Enabling customers to stay updated throughout the property journey anytime and anywhere, the app features a handy ‘Property Tracker’ that provides progress updates, from start of construction to settlement and move-in day.

For that ‘white glove’ human touch, Frasers Property’s dedicated Care Team are available 7 days a week to answer customer questions and solve any issues. They’re empowered to act quickly and effectively, with a clear foundational principle: make every customer feel valued, listen to, understood, and most importantly, cared for.

“We absolutely understand that purchasing property, especially one still under construction, can bring its own set of anxieties and challenges,” says Cameron Leggatt, CEO, Frasers Property Australia.

“It’s not always a straightforward journey. There can be weather delays, supply issues, lags in council approvals… that’s why we’re dedicated to keeping customers informed and in-the-know. We find that people are pretty understanding so long as they know what’s going on. And of course, that commitment means delivering what we say we will, and if there are any issues, we fix them.”

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Building bonds of loyalty

Frasers Property Care & Rewards benefits range from early access to property releases, referral bonuses, partner benefits, and invitations to special events. Brookhaven resident and Care & Rewards member, Torie Marquez, used her membership to secure the site of her dream home.

Having bought land at Brookhaven around six years ago to establish their family home, Torie and husband Kevin had plans to upgrade to a larger lot when the time was right. Staying within the neighbourhood they’d grown to love they used their Care & Rewards priority notification and 2% purchase reward to scale up to a generously- proportioned 1500m2 block before the general release.

“I grew up on acreage, so it was always something I wanted,” says Torie. “There’s space for the kids, the dog, a pool, and a big shed. The rewards program definitely helped us toward realising that dream.”

For Hamilton Reach resident and Frasers Property Care & Rewards member, Sheila Wyldbore, the program has offered multiple opportunities to benefit. Sheila and her husband Ron have used their purchase incentive to secure their second home at Hamilton Reach, after they fell in love with the house a few doors up from where they first purchased. They’ve also used the referral bonus to secure an apartment for their daughter, also a Hamilton Reach resident. Finally, their Fraser World membership has come in handy for hotel stays in Perth and Sydney.

“The benefits of the program have flowed in so many ways,” says Sheila. “It was a tremendous help in getting our daughter into her first home and gave us the inside track on our dream home here at Hamilton Reach.”

One of the standout features of the program is the ability to share the joy. The always-on option to ‘gift’ purchase rewards to immediate family members underscores Frasers Property’s commitment to kindness, generosity, and community-building. Friends can also get in on the action when the popular Gift2Get2 campaigns are run.

Danielle Grimsey bought land and built her first home at Brookhaven, halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, around four years ago. Since then, she has referred three of her friends to the neighbourhood, using her member benefits to help them with a 2% purchase price incentive.

“When my friend Tara was looking to buy her first home she asked me about Brookhaven,” says Danielle. “I told her it’s a great community and I absolutely love living here. I was happy to share my referral benefit with her because as a first home buyer, every little boost you can get helps. A year later, we’re not just friends, we’re neighbours.

“I also referred one of my best friends from when we were growing up. He now lives two streets away. People say you can’t choose your neighbours. But look at me, I did!”

From personalised care to shared rewards and investment opportunities, Frasers Property Care & Rewards is setting a new gold standard in the world of loyalty programs. To learn more, head to

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