Tips and advice | 15 October 2019

Finding the right community

Live Proud Spring Summer 2019

Buying a new home involves more than just choosing between a house or an apartment. It is also about choosing where you want to live.

As part of your purchase decision, it’s important to work out what you need to be close to, the style of lifestyle you want, but also what really matters. Today, we lead much busier lives, so it’s important to be connected to the things that will make a difference to your everyday, whether that be transport links, parks and open space, a café culture.

Then you can start to look for a location that ticks your boxes. Or even a masterplanned community for your first home?

Having been carefully planned from the ground up, they offer significant advantages since the experts have already done all the thinking for you – not only in terms of lifestyle opportunities, but also security, convenience and providing a sense of belonging.

The concept of a masterplanned community is not new. Australia’s first was “Castlecrag” in Sydney, designed in 1925 by architect Walter Burley Griffin, who also designed Canberra.

Although now nearly a century old, Griffin’s concept of a ‘masterplanned community’ still resonates with today’s buyers, who value a strong sense of community and access to amenity that will enrich their lives and bring a sense of ease.

Frasers Property specialise in creating masterplanned communities and there are tens of thousands of people, including many first home buyers, who today are proud to call one of these communities home.

It’s easy to understand why when everything you need for a quality lifestyle is incorporated into the community or located close by – shops, schools, medical centres, even supermarkets. You also generally have ready access to a range of transport options so getting to and from work or wherever you need to go is relatively easy. The concept of a connected community is an important part of masterplanning, and so too is incorporating plenty of green open space – from parks and gardens to playing fields or wetlands, and walking and cycle paths – this is integral for a healthy lifestyle and social environment.

You’ll also see that people living in a community often share similar values which leads to a better living experience. Safety, security, and serenity are all integral parts of the masterplanning process and as your community grows, so too does the actual sense of community it fosters. Many Frasers Property masterplanned communities have a dedicated Community Development Manager to promote and facilitate a range of activities and events to encourage integration and participation, for those who want to get involved.