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Investor Profile: Ben Huang, Ed.Square

Live Proud Spring Summer 2019

“I see property as something that will generate a good investment return for me in the long-term”

We asked three investors to share their experiences and advice for those looking to take the plunge into property, this is what Ben Huang had to say. 

Twenty-six-year-old financial analyst, Ben Huang was already the proud owner of his own home in Sydney’s CBD when he decided to make his first foray into property investment. “I see property as something that will generate a good investment return for me in the long-term,” explains Ben. “It’s always going to go up in the next 10-20 years.”
The ambitious young investor was able to take the equity he had built in his own home and put it towards the purchase of a three-bedroom apartment at Ed.Square – a new urban mixed-use development located in Sydney’s south west that ticked all the boxes. The development’s onsite retail centre and premium location were both key drawcards. “When it comes to investing I would always choose masterplanned communities,” says Ben. “With masterplanned developments, there’s been thought put into what’s best for the community. In this case it was the shopping and the train station.”

But aside from carefully crafted amenity, there’s one other key reason that Ben preferred to invest at Ed. “There’s an opportunity to get in early and buy off-the-plan. You only have to put down the deposit and then you have a few years before you have to settle,” explains Ben. “That gives you extra time to keep saving so you can hopefully take out a smaller loan when settlement day does arrive.”

Ben encourages other first-time investors to look beyond their own preferences and experience to find the best opportunities. “I always see investors choosing their dream home as an investment. They think ‘If I want to live here, then it will be good for investors’, but I don’t see it that way. I live in the city, and that’s where I want to be. But for people currently living out in the western suburbs, their work and families are already close by. They love where they live and if I can invest in places where people feel like that, then I know my investment will do well.” Ben’s purchase at Ed was just the first of what he hopes will be a diverse and successful portfolio. “Once you have a property, you can draw some money from that investment and put it into the new one,” explains Ben. “My plan is to buy an investment property every two years. It’s definitely manageable if you do your finance and research correctly.”


This article was featured in our Spring/Summer 2019 edition of our Live Proud magazine. This edition tells the story of our 95 year history of creating communities in Australia, as well as many more customer stories. We hope you enjoy the read.

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