Our response to COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the Australian community into uncharted territory, requiring responses from government, business, communities and individuals.

Despite the disruption and complexities arising from COVID-19 – and the further disruptions to come – we’re working to ensure our operations remain open and available, and our commitments to our customers are met to the best of our ability. First and foremost, that means protecting our greatest asset – the health and safety of our staff – and that has required some changes in our operations.

To date, Frasers Property Australia, and our local colleagues within Frasers Property Industrial, have taken the following steps to ensure the health and safety of our staff, our customers and our partners.

  • From Tuesday 24 March all our office-based staff will be working from home. Our investments in remote working technology and our well-established ‘flexible first’ workplace culture have underpinned a smooth transition to this model.
  • All international air travel and all domestic air travel has been suspended.
  • We’re scheduling phone or video meetings wherever possible, which is rapidly becoming the ‘new normal’ for Australian business. 
  • We have introduced sensible pre-meeting screening questions, to ensure that in-person meetings and appointments can occur with confidence, and that we can continue to provide the essential services our clients rely on. 
  • We have increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning at our assets and are actively promoting social distancing and personal hygiene for our staff, customers and partners.
  • We have plans in place to rapidly respond to any incidence of COVID-19 at our offices, sites and assets and will at all times act on the instructions of relevant authorities
  • We have reviewed our internal and external event plans and revised, cancelled or postponed any events involving large gatherings.
  • Our staff will not attend any conferences, events or other professional gatherings, and we encourage and support those organisations who are seeking to deliver these events remotely.
  • And naturally, any staff member who has flu-like symptoms is isolating themselves from colleagues and customers.

In addition, the following responses are specific to our residential business:

Sales Centres

Our Residential Sales Centres are once again open to the public across NSW, WA, and QLD. Some centres do remain open by appointment only, so we recommend confirming with your specific centre prior. Increased hygiene and social distancing measures remain in place for all visitors. Our sales team also available via phone, video and email according to our customers’ preferences, and equipped to host virtual meetings (including contract signings). Our Sales Centres in VIC are open by appointment only.


Construction is considered an essential activity, excluded from the current government shutdowns.

Our residential construction sites remain open and operational, with rigorous protocols in place to maintain social distance and protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and sub-contractors.

Pre-Settlement Inspections

Due to current COVID-19 situation we are only able to accommodate 2 people during these appointments. Full instructions will follow prior to your appointment as measures continue to change. For your safety and our safety, it is important you follow these.

Given the impacts COVID-19 has on supply chains, there maybe circumstances where rectification of certain defects is impacted. We will do our best mitigate these and ensure you settle as planned.

Post Settlement Defects

For your safety and our safety, we will rectify urgent defect item request such as electrical, water, security and plumbing failure, we will carefully consider what additional steps that must be taken to ensure the safe resolution of the matter and inline with government precautionary measures. 

In summary, although much of our workforce is now working remotely, our operations and service functions will continue largely as normal. You can be assured that, at all times, we are closely monitoring our operations and will act as instructed by the relevant authorities to ensure the safety and confidence of our staff, customers and communities.