Our stories | 24 September 2019

A very Aussie Halloween

Fairwater Halloween 2017

Australians love any excuse to throw a party, and Halloween is no exception. There may still be a few nay-sayers who refuse to give into the Americanisation of their Octobers, but every year, more and more Australian households are trying their hands at pumpkin carving and embracing the tradition.

 Every year, more than a quarter of Aussie households are getting involved in one way or another. For some it’s as simple as switching on the porch light to let trick or treaters know that they’re welcome. Others have caught the Halloween bug; giving their homes monstrous makeovers, donning elaborate costumes, and baking Pinterest’s best themed treats. 

In fact, the spooky season has become a time of celebration and connection for many of our communities across the country. At Shell Cove in NSW, droves of children head from door to door in search of sweet treats, parading proudly in mum and dad's best handiwork or costume shop find. And a few hours north, Fairwater residents are dancing the night away at their very own spooky disco. And at Jindowie in WA, an elaborate scavenger hunt around the community enthrals residents big and small.

These events aren’t just fun either; they’re important opportunities to get out of the house and connect with your neighbours. Rituals like Halloween help to bond us over a common experience. Even for those of us without little ones, switching the porch light on and welcoming others into our lives even for a second, is an important opportunity to socialise and make connections that could form the foundations of new friendship. 

With a history that dates back centuries, Halloween finds new fans every year.

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