Our stories | 24 September 2019

Fire up the barbie

Sausage Sizzle

Your guide to hosting the perfect summer gathering

Many countries lay claim to being the birthplace of the barbeque, but the strongest cultural ties to firing up the grill undoubtedly reside right here in Australia. The sound of snags and steaks sizzling away on the barbeque is synonymous with summer. We look forward to balmy evenings and long weekends spent catching up with friends and family over a great meal. The humble barbeque is as Aussie as Vegemite and democracy sausages.

Perhaps the best part is that the quintessential Australian tradition doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’ve got a compact mobile BBQ on the balcony, an al fresco dining area out back, or a shared BBQ in the local park, you can bring your nearest and dearest together for an epic evening of food and friendship. Make the most of the warmer months with our guide to hosting the perfect summer BBQ in every space.

People make the party

The foundation of every great barbeque is the people you invite. A summer BBQ is a great opportunity to bring people from different backgrounds and parts of your life together in a casual setting. Why not try inviting your next-door neighbours or the new starter from work? You never know – a great friend might be just an invitation away. 

Consider all tastes

These days, it’s rare to get a group of more than five together without encountering at least one dietary requirement. It’s a good idea to check with all of your guests ahead of time to make sure that no one goes hungry. And when in doubt, having one vegan or vegetarian option and a gluten free salad on hand is always a safe bet.

Stick with the classics 

When it comes to choosing your meats, you can’t go past the classics. Beef or pork sausages, burgers, lamb chops, and marinated chicken breasts are all crowd pleasers. A veggie patty or lemon infused fish in a foil pouch are great options for guests who want a lighter option.

Stay hydrated

With so much delicious food to enjoy, you’ll need something to wash it all down. It’s generally good etiquette for guests to BYO, but a good host will have a few non-alcoholic options on hand and plenty of ice on hand to last all day.

Finish strong

At the end of every great barbeque is a dessert that nobody needs but everybody loves. And while a successful Aussie BBQ plays it safe with its savouries, dessert is your time to get creative. The classic pavlova is a reliable choice, but why not mix it up with your favourite fruits on top or even some shaved salted caramel chocolate? Yum!


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