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Built to last

Built to last

The word community carries with it a sense of permanence. A community doesn’t exist for a year, or even ten. A community is an enduring and evolving entity that has a presence across generations. People come and go; families change and grow. But the community remains.

It’s this notion of permanence that lies at the heart of the Frasers Property approach to placemaking. Masterplanned communities are thoughtfully designed to appeal not just to the desires of the market of that moment, but to cater for the needs of future generations over decades, and to become pillars of their surrounding locales.  

The gold standard of this approach can be seen at Minnippi Quarter, a new community by Frasers Property, bordering Brisbane’s expansive Minnippi Parklands.  

More than just architecturally designed homes with beautifully landscaped gardens, the community offers its residents all the elements needed to form the foundation of a great life at every stage.  

Designed to connect residents to nature and simplify every day, the community includes lush parks and gardens, 25m outdoor pool and adjoining pavilion with barbeque facilities, private dining room and entertainer’s kitchen, on-site parcel lockers and car and dog wash facilities.  

And just 8kms from home, residents can access all that Brisbane’s CBD has to offer, as well as a range of surrounding educational facilities.  

Future residents Sam and Sarah stumbled across the Minnippi Quarter website while searching for an established home in the local area and decided to check out the Sales Centre one weekend.  

“We stayed at the Sales Centre for three or four hours at that first visit,” recalls Sam. “We’d been looking for three or four months, established homes mostly. But nothing we had seen really checked all the boxes. When we came here, it was everything we needed.” 

“It even had the things I wanted but weren’t must haves, like a gym and a pool,” adds Sarah. 

Sam and Sarah are looking forward to moving into their new home soon but have already started connecting with their neighbours through a private residents Facebook group, which is helping them feel right at home even before move‑in day arrives. 

“It’s really important for residents to create a sense of ownership over their community from these early days,” says Marion Allard, Community Development Manager for Frasers Property in Queensland. “Connecting with one another and discussing the progress of the community as it’s being built helps to form strong foundations for when they eventually do become neighbours.” 

Built to last

One of the other ways Frasers Property is helping residents to form a sense of ownership over their new community is by giving them a unique opportunity to offset the carbon emissions associated with the materials and construction of their homes.  

The ambitious initiative is called Build Neutral. It’s built on a simple concept—similar to offsetting carbon when purchasing a flight. The initiative puts the power in the hands of the customers through an opt-in process, offering a way in which residents can be part of taking practical climate action and contribute directly to support projects that strive to reduce or mitigate carbon emissions.  

Through Minnippi Quarter’s Build Neutral initiative, residents will support communities both locally and globally, furthering Frasers Property’s commitment to a low-carbon future. The project supports farmers at home in Queensland, as well as protecting forests and supporting communities in Zimbabwe.  

Lily and Cory were among the first to purchase at Minnippi Quarter following its public launch earlier this year and are proud of the role they are playing in such a landmark project.  

“We’ve gone from knowing very little about carbon neutrality, to doubling down on the sustainability front,” says Lily. “Cory was never a ‘nature person’ before but now he loves telling our family and friends about the Build Neutral initiative. He’s also put a Tesla at the top of his shopping list!”  

With a young daughter at home, future-proofing their home was top of mind for the couple, and the Build Neutral initiative will play an important role in achieving this. 

“We want Gabby to grow up feeling secure, which extends way beyond the walls of our home,” says Lily. “The Build Neutral program really aligned with our values which is so important when it comes to choosing a community to call home.”  

Construction commenced on Minnippi Quarter earlier this year, with the community set to house 480 proud Australians upon completion—the first generation of many to come.   

Terrace homes are now selling. Visit mquarter.com.au to find out more. 

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